Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wandering Europa

Back in the early 80s, Europe was still a wild and untamed continent. Intrepid backpackers trailblazed the land armed with rail passes and thumbs powerful enough to stop a speeding vehicle for a lift. This particular journey began in the north of Norway above the Arctic Circle to the outback of Kiruna, Sweden. South to Stockholm, with a ferry excursion over to Suomi, the land of the Flying Finns. In Turku, there was Beatles memorabilia with a bust of Lennon and a flag saluting the song Back in the USSR. Helsinki built a church from an abandoned UFO. Heading west again to Copenhagen, just in time for the Folk og Land Fest, a rain storm and some artsy night shots. The trail went south to the Netherlands. Amsterdam and then the Cool Peoples Congress in Woerden. A meet-up with wild and crazy backpackers at a hostel in Paris. Then on to Switzerland for Basel + Allschwil, Romanshorn and Bulle before crossing the Great St Bernard Pass into Italy. Alas, all roads lead to Rome. The musical accompaniment is Wanderlust King by Golgol Bordello.