Monday, July 16, 2012

Europa 1977

This was the trip that started it all. Airfares had dropped bringing Europe into reach. A chance to see a bit of the world before settling down - little did I know that I’d see something better. Armed with a rail pass, I rolled between London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Paris, Rome, Munich, Salzburg, Luxembourg and Zurich. Included was a cruise down the Rhine. I don’t know which was worse. Castle after castle under grey skies or the awful elevator music blasted on the boat. As sparingly as I was taking photos, for some reason I went snap-happy overlooking Bergen, Norway (so you’d better enjoy the view). My cheap pocket camera broke in Austria and Switzerland, so those images reside in my memory for you mindreaders out there. As all roads lead to Rome, guess where this show ends. The musical accompaniment is Tutta Va Bene by Camille Bazbaz.