Monday, September 25, 2006

Safari Sauvage - Ronda

Andalucia, Spain. The town of Ronda sits atop a plateau skirted by towering cliffs. Bisected by the El Taji gorge, they finally built a bridge so little old ladies wouldn't have to leap across on their way to market. It's also the site of Spain's first bull ring, if you like to fight the bulls. During the civil war, they didn't take too kindly to the fascists. And judging from the portrait outside the bus station, the townsfolk are still good guys. WARNING: Some footage in this film was taken during the course of cordless bungy jumping. Do not try this at home. We are trained professionals...well, those of us who survived.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Backpackers From Another Galaxy

Kibbutz Hefzibah 1982 - 85.They travelled thousands of light years across the Universe... to hang out on the grass. Also, indulged in some Purim debauchery.Then there were excursions to Juicy Lemon, Jericho, and a tramp up Wadi Qelt for a gander at St. George√Ęs Monastary. Eventually, coin was need for inter-galactic petrol. Hence a migration to toil on Moshav Neot Hakikar, south of the Dead Sea in the Negev. What a delightful place with withering heat, poisonous snakes, poisonous insects, deadly arachnids, scattered land mines, brawling drunks, so many tomatoes that they invaded your dreams, melons and their labourous moon tunnels, a company store with a crooked shop keeper, stray camels, and the odd sandstorm. The musical accompaniment is Diavolo Rosso by Paolo Conte.

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