Monday, July 31, 2006

Once Upon a Time on a Kibbutz

Hefzibah. 1981 - 82. An international brigade of volunteers heroically laboured in exchange for Friday night disco, coffee & tea gatherings in each others rooms, cow chocolate, sitting out on the grass, coffee house bikkies, hiking up Gilboa, our shacks rattled by sonic booms, trooping down to Sachne for swims, aerogrammes, movies half obscurred by multiple subtitles, visits to the juggling falafel stand in Afula and great weather (and peace and happiness for all of humankind, of course!). The musical accompaniment is "Wonderful World", performed by Jimmy Cliff.

There's a Hefzibah Facebook group:


LN said...

Oy va voy, what memories! Thanks Veloroo, for putting Hefzibah on the map here! Hard to imagine though that it is ... eh ... 26 years ago. Latest I was back was 2004 and a lot has changed, like Sahne/Gan HaShlosha became a touristic spot (already in '92) and even on top of the mountain you'll find buses and cyclist groups etc. And the road (coming in from Afula) isn't anymore via the prison, but the track via the fish ponds now is the "main" road. No volunteer shacks anymore like in the old days, in fact hardly any volunteers whatsoever ... life on kibbutz has changed enormously - e.g., no "chadar oggel" as we knew it ...

Anonymous said...

I was a volunteer in kibbutz hefzibah in 2002...from january till times of my life

great to see your video dude :)

peace to all!