Monday, September 04, 2006

Backpackers From Another Galaxy

Kibbutz Hefzibah 1982 - 85.They travelled thousands of light years across the Universe... to hang out on the grass. Also, indulged in some Purim debauchery.Then there were excursions to Juicy Lemon, Jericho, and a tramp up Wadi Qelt for a gander at St. George√Ęs Monastary. Eventually, coin was need for inter-galactic petrol. Hence a migration to toil on Moshav Neot Hakikar, south of the Dead Sea in the Negev. What a delightful place with withering heat, poisonous snakes, poisonous insects, deadly arachnids, scattered land mines, brawling drunks, so many tomatoes that they invaded your dreams, melons and their labourous moon tunnels, a company store with a crooked shop keeper, stray camels, and the odd sandstorm. The musical accompaniment is Diavolo Rosso by Paolo Conte.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Veloroo,
I found your film of Hefzi-Bah on the net. I live in Hefzi-Bah, I think I was away when you were here. The place has changed, more houses, the main road moved, but the mountain stands still. Thanks a lot for sweet memories, you're invited for Nes-cafe with milk straight from the cows which are still there :-)
Blessed be..

Marjolijn said...

Hi Ken,

Saw your photos of your time in Hefzi-Bah. Saw myself a few times too! Funny to watch all those faces and places after such a long time. Maybe you remember me, the Dutch girl with the wooden shoes...We had a wonderful time in the shadows of the Gilboa. I return there every once in awhile. I visit Israel every year, because I married an Israeli in the end and lived there for six years. We have been living in Holland now for almost 20 years. Hope you are okay. If you're still travelling across the world, come and visit me one time. Will be great to see you!



Anonymous said...

Shalom Veloroo,
What a trip to find your film on Kibbutz Hefzibah. I had almost forgotten the name of this place where i lived in 1983 and studied in the ulpan. It was good to see the ole' stomping grounds again. Great clip. Judy

Direlse said...

Hi Ken,

Another Dutch girl who enjoyed your great work: I am Direlse, the one who often wore black clothes...
I too was excited to see that Marjolijn had responded. In 1987 I visited Israel (and her) again.
After having lived in Belgium, Costa Rica and Mexico I returned with my Belgian husband (to whom I am married 22 years) and kids to Holland in 2003.
Ofcourse you are welcome (if you are not 'afraid' visiting this area as we are living on the bottom of the sea...).



kristina.silfver said...

Hi Ken, Marjolijn and Direlse,

How great to hera about you all. And how great to see your pictures, Ken. You in my bed as Jesus on the cross! And Sachne, the Japanese Garden... What a great time we had! I am Kristina, the swedish redhead who lived with Joyce and Marjolijn. If any of you read this write to me at I read that mail almost every day. I travelled a cuple of years after Israel, studied, travelled again (once back to Hefzi Bah) got married, divorced, had two children and now I live in the archipelago just outside Stockholm.

Love to you all!