Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey - From Istanbul's otogar (thats bus station to English speakers), I boarded an overnight coach, arriving in Cappadocia at the crack of dawn. in the town of Göreme. People have been carving homes into the rocks of this surreal landscape for ages. And what did I do after a night on a bus without sleep, but go hiking for hours. I walked the Rose Valley to Çavusin, catching a dolmus back. The next day, I tramped the Pigeon Valley (devoid of pigeons) to the castle-like Uçhsar. A busy day next. A plunge into the depths of Derinkuyu, the underground city, which once housed thousands. Then a stroll through the Ilhara Gorge, with monasteries carved into the cliff sides. Finally, ascending the heights of Selime Monastery. Back to another otogar to depart as I arrived. On another overnight coach. The musical accompaniment is Menouthis by E. S. Posthumus and Pompeii also by E. S. Posthumus.

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