Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lycia, Turkey

Lycia in the southwest of Turkey - Start in the ruins of the ancient city of Termessos. Alexander the Great besieged it, finally throwing in the towel and rejoining the hippie trail to India. Then on to Antalya on the Mediterranean. Another big city with a picturesque (pronounced touristy) old town, Kaleiçi. As it was Ramadan, there were festivities at night with a throbbing disco beat to keep a weary traveller awake. Then overland to the Aegean, staying in the village of Faralya, perched atop rugged cliffs. A climb down a goat trail to Butterfly Valley. Daytrippers from the town down the coast, come in the easy way by boat. Then back up for a fiery sunset as Apollo steers his chariot to the horizon. The musical accompaniment is Ölürüm Sana by Tarkan, and Siradan by Hadise.

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